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The Choir

Dundee Parish Church (St. Mary’s) has a fine singing tradition going back many years and we’d like you to become part of that.

We sing a variety of music dating back to the time of Palestrina and Byrd right up to the present day with contemporary composers such as Bob Chilcott and of course, John Rutter.

We meet on a Sunday morning at 9.45 to rehearse and the service finishes at 12. People are often nervous about joining because they worry about their sight-singing skills but you’d be amazed at how quickly this improves when you’re singing two anthems and four hymns every Sunday! You also have the enjoyment of singing in a beautiful building and the pleasure of some wonderful music. You never have time to get bored of it because there is always something new each week.

You’re never too young or old to join the choir so please come along and try it out for a few weeks; you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get caught up in the music.

For further information, contact Graeme Stevenson on email g.stevenson AT dundee.ac.uk

A Prayer of Richard of Chichester – White
Day by Day – How
May the Mystery of God – Carter

O Praise the Lord – Batten
When to the temple Mary went – Eccard
Pure river, Water of Life – Whitbourn

I give you a new commandment – Aston
Teach me O Lord – Attwood
Magnificat in C – Stanford

Verlieh uns frieden – Mendelssohn
Nunc Dumitis in C – Stanford
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy – Bevan

Be thou my vision – Chilcott
O Jesu Christ, mein lebens licht – Bach
Blest are the pure in heart – Walford-Davies

O Lord my God – Wesley
Turn thy face from my sins – Attwood
Wash me thoroughly – Wesley

If ye love me – Tallis
God so loved the world – Goss
Hear my Prayer – Mendelssohn

Call to remembrance – Farrant
Like as the Hart – Howells
Lord, let me know mine end – Greene

Occuli omnium – Wood
The Secret of Christ – Carter
God so loved the world – Chilcott