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This page shows a small selection of the stained glass windows

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This window was gifted by the Women's Guild in 1966, and is the work of T. S. Halliday, who was teacher of art at the High School of Dundee.

It is on the north side, and can be seen from the north gallery, and shows the symbols of the Three Virtues: the fish, the swallow and the pelican.
The Guild Window

This window is the bottom half of the one above, depicting the Three Virtues in the form of Faith, Hope and Charity.

This one is the work of Edward Burne-Jones, gifted in memory of the Rev. Dr. Archibald Watson, minister here from 1862 - 1882.

Faith, Hope and Charity

Also on the north side, nearest the rear of the church.

The inscription reads "Gloria in Excelsis Deo", then the symbols for Alpha and Omega.

Then "For the Trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible"
The Trumpet Shall Sound

This is the lower part of the above window, below the gallery.

This one is entitled The Ressurection, and was the work of Cottier and company, gifted in memory of Thomas Smith.
Lower Section

This is on the south side, below the gallery, at the east end.

Depicting The Baptism of Christ, it was made by Powell and Son of London, in 1889 and gifted in memory of Thomas Bell of Belmont and his wife.
Angus Dei

This window depicts the parable of The Good Samaritan.

It is on the south side, below the gallery, and was manufactured by the Newcastle Stained Glass Company in memory of John William Thomson and his wife.
Lower Section

And Finally, one of the windows which often goes un-noticed. This is the only one of the clerestory windows with stained glass, being on the north side.

The two Old Testament characters are Abraham and Enoch. This is another by William Morris, and was gifted in memory of Provost Lawson of Dundee and his son.

Abraham and Enoch

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